I am the happiest when I'm with family or friends, being at the beach, or hearing gut laughs from my kids in the middle of tickle fights. Camera in hand, I'm usually the one documenting one of those fun memories. I LIVE for the images that remind me of the JOY from those moments past.

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I'm Heather

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Having the opportunity to meet and serve people from all over and document memories for each client makes me extremely grateful and thankful that I get to do this job. It's an investment that I don't take lightly and something that I truly enjoy doing! Regardless of where I am at, whether at the beach or in your backyard, it truly is an honor!

I'm a follower of Christ, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. I enjoy peach or peppermint milkshakes, pedicures, a good shopping trip which includes browsing Homegoods, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby or Target or watching an episode of Fixer Upper!

I am so honored that you are here and I can't WAIT to work together!

I find joy in serving my couples and families, helping them see their value through intentional imagery of the special moments and joyful seasons of their lives.

- Sarah Regester

"I am completely blown away by the photos!”

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My family means everything to me and I am SO grateful for the fun we have; for the shrieks and gut laughs we get from these kids! I'm thankful for Jimmy, my husband for his constant love & support and for keeping things in order when I'm gone to a wedding or shoot.


get to know me

Notebooks and planners. I can't count how many I own, but there is something about a pretty notebook, journal or planner that just grabs me. Of course these are usually found in your local Target, Homegoods or Marshalls! ;)


My favorite things

I'm obsessed with all things Chip & Jo! Not just the amazing way they can flip houses and make them beautiful, but also their values and philosophy on life and family. If I had to pick another place to live, I truly believe it would be Waco, TX! :)

Magnolia Journal


It started with the point and shoot camera that I got for Christmas one year. It seems like such a blur, so long ago. I was always the person who was taking photos at get togethers with friends or family, or on any special trips. Everyone always ended up asking me for the photos. 
I LOVED documenting things and looking back on those memories later on. When I got my first Canon Rebel and went on a three week group tour trip to Europe, I KNEW this what what I wanted to do. 

Fast Forward to present day, and I STILL find joy in capturing all of life's moments. Being a mom of two, seeing now more than ever how fast time flies, I want to be there for all of life's fleeting moments. I love capturing those memories from the moment you as the bride walk down the aisle to your groom to promise forever, to the moment when you are a dad or mom to 3 kids ages 3 and under running around on the beach, refusing to stop and smile for just one good photo, and then later throwing a temper tantrum because they don't want to leave. 

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it started with a Point & shoot...

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